How We Do Our Work:

We start with auditing. We gather information about the company from the following categories:
1. Transportation - We use our own experience and knowledge in transportation and combine it with a company’s current situation. By doing this we can find ways to improve the company’s financial standing, and our experience gives us the skills to do it fast and simple.
2. The Reality of the Company’s Status - We analyze the realities of the company’s activities and look into the ways we could improve the situation.
3. Owner’s Expectations - We take note of an owner’s understanding of a company’s current situation, compare it with what we see in the company’s financial and tax statements, and make a plan on how to reach the desired outcome for the company.
4. Bank Expectations - We make a system that will be easy to understand for banks and loan officers.
5. Government Agencies - Through our financial system, we make it possible to find ways for tax optimization (reduced tax), and we make our financial reports easy to understand by the taxpayer and government agencies.
6. Safety - We go over the company’s safety policy and give our expert advice on improving it. We work with many transportation companies, so we have an understanding of what works best and how to do it; therefore, we are happy to share this information with our clients.

Continuing the topic of the transportation industry, it should be mentioned, that our services have helped many owners raise the profit of their company just by using our services and experience. We organize the accounting system for them in a way, that it becomes possible to measure the next indicators:
1. Cost per mile - now you’ll know if the round trip will be profitable for your company BEFORE you send your truck for the first pickup.
2. Income and Expense per truck.
3. Income and expenses for office/shop.

These indicators allow making decisions, of forgoing loss-making trips or trucks, before even accepting or starting the trip. They start to influence the company's financial position, which does wonders for the company’s profitability.

Why us?

With rising fuel costs and increasing competition, it's becoming more important than ever for transportation and logistics companies to focus on the basics: growing their business, reducing risk, and planning for the future.

Every day, the No Stress Services Transportation & Logistics Practice helps clients address these challenges and more. Our dedicated team has a deep understanding of how transportation and logistics companies operate.
Although some companies still rely on internal bookkeepers to keep their books and records, a large number of businesses have turned to a more cost-effective solution to manage their bookkeeping through outsourcing.
Outsourcing your bookkeeping can eliminate problems that are created by resignations, retirement, and illness, which are inevitable with in-house employees. From Accounts Receivable to checkbook reconciliation, outsource it all at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal bookkeeper.

At No Stress Tax and Accounting Services, we go the extra mile when it comes to serving clients in the transportation and trucking industry. Our services include bookkeeping, tax, technology, and management consulting. Our professionals combine their individual expertise to serve our wide range of transportation and logistics clients: Trucking, General Freight, Flatbed and Box TL, LTL, Bulk Commodity Dump, 3PL, Heavy Hauling/Permitted Loads, Moving, and Warehousing. The Transportation and Logistics Industry Group meets regularly to review and analyze issues central to this industry. As a result, our Transportation and Logistics professionals possess the most current knowledge of transportation issues, regulations, and trends. We work with you to seek innovative ways to reach your strategic goals.

Having an experienced transportation accountant is of utmost importance when it comes to maintaining a profitable business in the transport industry. No Stress Accounting and Tax Services Inc. offers accounting, tax, and IFTA services to both small transportation businesses and medium corporations—providing industry-specific knowledge to lower effective tax rates and increase profitability.

No Stress Services provides tax analysis and planning to minimize tax liabilities and regular financial statement preparation so that you always have a clear picture of your business finances - which can be implemented into your business planning. All of our services are designed to help your business implement proper cash flow management and increase your profit.

Our transportation accounting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Financial statement preparation
  • IFTA filling
  • Working with brokers and Factoring companies.
  • Cash flow management
  • Strategic tax planning & local tax incentives
  • Tax preparation to minimize liabilities & maximize returns
  • Payroll services & taxes
  • 1099 filling
  • Budget development
  • Financial reviews and compilations
  • Incorporation services
  • IRS audit assistance
  • CA Full Year Commercial Registration
  • Original and Supplemental IFTA License and Decals
  • IFTA Account Set-Up
  • NY, NM, OR, and KY Permits
  • Monthly & Quarterly Oregon Mileage Reporting
  • Oregon Bonds
  • Kentucky KYU Number
  • New Mexico Tax Credential
  • New York HUT

Want to discuss the needs of your transportation business? Give us a call at 916-597-0829 to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our transportation accountants. We look forward to speaking with you!