Government and Commercial Contractors

Such a huge field as Government and Commercial construction is full of paperwork before Project started, during the Building, and at the end of the work finished.
Contractors get most of Government construction projects through different auctions. We noticed that Government is more interested in building various objects in recent years.
In North California, the government has already planned some large projects for several future years. And they more and more are involved in the construction.

We can classify the government system on some main levels according to jurisdiction territory: Local (county, city), State, and Federal. They all have different goals, different work methods, but the basic principles are common. It's really significant to make your accounting clear and proper when you work with government projects because they regularly asked your Profit and Loss Statement, and they always try to make sure that you have good records and enough resources to continue working on the project. At the same time, they try to be convinced that you are able to finish your work in time and everything is going according to the law.

Corporate Construction is similar in some ways to Government Construction, but often it can be a little bit easier to deal with. It is a building of big objects and usually, these projects are planned for a long period - 2-5 years. Thus you can expect that some of your workers will be involved in such a project for a long time and it helps the company grow and develop.
Our role here is to help you correctly make your accounting and plan your finances. Because working with Government and Commercial construction projects, they mostly make after payment - 30-180 days, and highly necessary to keep accounting records in order and plan your budget wisely.
And last but not least, to be more stable your need to work with banks too. You need to have enough liquidity to have the possibility to spend money for your current business needs. We will be glad to help you to make a good accounting record system that banks can see distinctly and assist you with your business finances.