Simple Audit

It often happens when people doing their accounting, can't determine if they have a good system, or they need some improvements, or it is even necessary fundamentally to change the whole system.
How a simple audit takes place:

1. We go to the company office or you can come to us, bring your documents, and give us access to your accounting system.
2. We talk to the clients and define what they expect from their accounting system, and what they need from it.
3. We learn and analyze your process - how your record your reports, your income and expenses, and what documents you use and fill.
4. After gathering and analyzing the information we give you our conclusion - how your system works and how far it is from your expectation. Also, we determine how far it meets the expectations and standards of tax services institutions and banks.

The main thing we provide with our report is recommendations and advice - what can you do to improve something in a short or long period.
We call it Simple Audit because it is not detailed research and it takes a few hours. It is the first sight and judgment about the difference between how your system works and how it is expected to work.