Taxi and Delivery

The taxi and delivery industry is a dedicated marketplace that is dominated by major employers such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Amazon. It primarily involves individuals who utilize their own vehicles, often small passenger cars, for transportation and delivery services. Unlike traditional businesses, drivers in this industry typically do not need to create monthly Profit & Loss statements. In most cases, it is sufficient to generate this statement once a year and file it along with their tax return.

At our company, we possess a profound understanding of the specific costs associated with being a courier or taxi driver, including what expenses can be included and what cannot. Therefore, we are well-equipped to prepare comprehensive reports for you, whether you require them for banking purposes or for your tax return. Moreover, our deep understanding of the industry enables us to handle your taxes effectively, ensuring that you accurately include eligible expenses. We will ask you the right questions to help you identify and determine your deductible expenses.