A handyman business is different than a regular business in that no two days are alike. As a handyman, one day you could be installing carpet, and the next you’re fixing shingles on a roof or painting walls. We realize this specifically and it is often difficult to understand how to start a business and don't miss any important details.

We help people to navigate their documentation, to understand the rules and laws of doing such a business, and make their accounting and tax reports wisely.
There are some simple steps you need to make to start and handle your handyman business:

1. Pick your specialization
2. Determine the service you will offer
3. Draw up your business plan
4. Choose your legal business structure
5. Register your business (company)
6. Acquire relevant Licenses
7. Open a business bank account
8. Set up Bookkeeping and accounting system
9. Develop a marketing strategy

We know that it seems not so easy, and we are here to help you with all your questions, documents, and accounting on your way to success.
Thus you do not need to worry about document paperwork or accounting, you just can give us information for starting your business, we will apply for all necessary registration, permissions, and licenses, prepare for you your documents and give you full consultation with advice and recommendations for future action to avoid any misunderstanding or mistakes when you doing your business.