No Stress Accounting & Tax Services

Hi, I am Yaroslav,

A few years ago, I discovered my true passion for assisting entrepreneurs in taking control of their taxes and finances, enabling them to turn their dreams into reality. This passion led me to establish my own business dedicated to this purpose. What sets my work apart is that it never feels like a typical nine-to-five job when you're pursuing what you love.

Now, I aim to bring back that same joy to your business. My expertise lies not only in alleviating my clients' stress but also in empowering them to make their money work for them. This way, they can focus on the aspects of their business that they truly enjoy.

I am grateful that my profession allows me to help people achieve their goals while fulfilling my own calling.

We Understand

We understand that bookkeeping and taxes can often become overwhelming. At No Stress Accounting and Tax Services, our mission is to support your business by providing clarity and enabling you to leverage your income to turn your dreams into reality.

Let us assist you in leveling up! Simply fill out any of the following forms, and we will promptly get in touch with you to discuss how we can help:

Individual & Married Taxes
Business Owner Taxes

Your success is our priority, and we look forward to partnering with you on your financial journey.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Managing your financial numbers on a monthly basis can often feel overwhelming. However, at No Stress Accounting and Tax Services, we are here to alleviate your stress and allow you to dedicate more time to the activities you truly enjoy!

Say goodbye to bookkeeping stress and let us take care of it for you.

Tax Returns

We understand the anxiety that tax returns can bring. Whether it's monthly tax planning or annual returns, our services are tailored to provide you with confidence, organization, and compliance. So go ahead, put your feet up, and take a breather. We'll handle all the details and ensure your taxes are sorted out for you.

Say goodbye to tax stress and let us alleviate the burden for you.
Our clients say
“No Stress Services has made it possible for my dispatch team to utilize more time on drivers and brokers related activities, rather than waste it on mundane bookkeeping.” 
“I get detailed financial reports from No Stress Services every month. These reports completely customized to my requirements and help me to make the right business decisions. Professional service which is provided by No Stress Service is the one of the necessary components of our company's success.“
"I have been using No Stress Service for all my accounting and financial needs. I am a business owner and reside in the state of CA the most tax burdened state in America. Yaroslav always takes the time to sit with me, go over my finances and explains everything. I have personally seen him show me the information in black and white from the appropriate sources. That means not only does he say it, he proves it, he shows me what the laws say. Very professional and honest."