Special Trade Constraction

The construction field is a huge area where work a lot of different people, companies, and organizations. And for building any object it's necessary to have specific aptitudes and skills. Thus building the house a lot of special trade contractors - electricians, plumbers, roofers, etc, - are involved in the project.
We have experience in working with people who work in such a business. We understand it could have some nuances. Accounting for such a business could be simple in some cases. If it's a long and big project, then it has some difficulties, and accounting for such work should be split up depending on the work that was done and we also should have an approximate planning.

We assist with adjustments of payments - sending invoices and receiving payments.

We help to optimize income, or if there is no income then we determine where resources go and where financial leak.

It's important to know how much you spend and how much you receive and what you can expect in the future. Thus we can help you to adjust your system according to the kind of contractor you are and the specifics of your work. It could be associated with a person, type of work, place, or combine it all together.

We also can set up your payroll system, help to work with subcontractors, formalize them, make payments correctly, and keep your records in order.
If you are a special trade contractor, we are here to help you to regulate your accounting system and make your tax return properly.