About Us

Hi, I am Yaroslav,

A few years ago, I discovered my true passion for assisting entrepreneurs in taking control of their taxes and finances, enabling them to turn their dreams into reality. This passion led me to establish my own business dedicated to this purpose. What sets my work apart is that it never feels like a typical nine-to-five job when you're pursuing what you love.

Now, I aim to bring back that same joy to your business. My expertise lies not only in alleviating my clients' stress but also in empowering them to make their money work for them. This way, they can focus on the aspects of their business that they truly enjoy.

I am grateful that my profession allows me to help people achieve their goals while fulfilling my own calling.
Who We Are
At No Stress Services, we go the extra mile when it comes to serving clients in the construction, dental, transportation, and trucking industries. Our services include bookkeeping, tax, technology, and management consulting. Our professionals combine their individual expertise to serve our wide range of transportation and logistics clients: Trucking, General Freight, Flatbed and Box TL, LTL, Bulk Commodity Dump, 3PL, Heavy Hauling/Permitted Loads, Moving, and Warehousing. The Transportation and Logistics Industry Group meets on a regular basis to review and analyze issues central to this industry. As a result, our Transportation and Logistics professionals possess the most current knowledge of transportation issues, regulations, and trends. We work with you to seek innovative ways to reach your strategic goals.

Our Team

Yaroslav Malanciuc
Senior Accountant

Oleg Matsiulka

Kate Yanshina
Liubov Kassenyeva
Marketing Manager
Marina Ishchenko
David Lee