Nonprofits have different business goals than for-profits but they share a fundamental requirement for success – sustainability.

No Stress Accounting and Tax Services works with nonprofit clients in California to implement cost-effective strategies and programs that contribute to sustained operations for the long term including employee benefits, payroll, retirement plans, talent and compensation, and commercial insurance.
NonProfit Accounting

We can help you set up and maintain your non-profit organization's tax-exempt status by handling all the IRS reporting for you.

Each year the IRS requires most tax-exempt organizations to submit Form 990 and its relations, which includes the following items.

No Stress Accounting has been providing accounting, auditing, consulting, and tax services to non-profit service organizations for over 7 years. We are a constant resource to you and your staff and take the time to assist you with understanding and interpreting accounting and compliance requirements. We understand our responsibility to provide service to our clients throughout the year. We have a long record of exceeding our client's expectations with our personal attention and expertise. 

We serve nonprofits of all types and sizes, including organizations exempt under 501(c)(1), (3), (4), (5), (6), and (9).

We plan and execute our audits in a way that maximizes audit efficiency and provides you with the highest quality services. With our experienced audit Director and staff performing all the audit functions, your organization will experience minimal disruptions and won't be forced to train new audit staff year after year. 
Our dedicated team possesses the specialized knowledge and experience to help ensure compliance with the appropriate standards and changes in regulations that may impact your organization's operations. Our depth of experience in the industry means that we bring creative and practical solutions to assist you in meeting the challenges that you face in your day-to-day operations and recommendations tailored to your unique needs.  We look at non-profits as small businesses; we provide practical advice for accounting, operations, tax planning, and fund development.

Our services include:

  • Accounting for alternative investments (FAS 133)
  • Fair value accounting (FAS 157)
  • Split-interest agreements
  • Endowment spending policies
  • Endowment disclosures under UPMIFA / FSP 117-1
  • Complying with state registration requirements
  • Audit committees
  • Tax planning for unrelated business income
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of 501h elections
  • Functional expense reporting
  • Related joint ventures, LLCs, and for-profit subsidiaries
  • Tax planning for unrelated business activities
  • Reporting of lobbying and political activities
  • Compensation safe harbors for executives
  • Internal control evaluation and review
  • Expense allocations to 501(c)(3) and for-profit affiliates
  • Chapter reporting and group exemptions