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Be a professional!

Dear Friend, 

While you are reading reflect on professionalism and compare it to what we do. I would like to give some examples of how the appeal to a professional company helps you save your money, reduce losses, increase profit, and also increase the value of your time. Sometimes, seeking simple advice from a professional can keep your nerves calm and save your resources. Some time ago, a man turned to us, he was the owner of five trucks. He loaded them himself, made accounts and calculations, moreover, he was one of a kind dispatcher. He had these five trucks for more than three years, but the company did not grow, because he didn’t have enough time to do anything else. A year and a half later, following his first call to us, he increased the number of trucks he had to 12, because of our help. Working with us allowed him to concentrate on what he did best: search for goods and manage brokers. I believe his companywill continue to grow if every employee will concentrate on their tasks. This applies not only todispatchers or transport companies, but also many different industries, ranging fromdentists to construction contractors.Why has America become a bureaucratic country? Everything needs a whole bunch of different permissions and papers. In situation A, you need to do this, in situation B you need to do that, and these procedures you need to know. The thing is, regulation and legislation is constantly changing and must be continuously monitored. If you are a professional, or a company owner, then you know that this process takes a lot of time and paperwork. To ensure that the work is done effectively it is important to focus on what you do best and strive to achieve better results. I want to tell an everyday example: as a teenager, I read that a plumber earns $35.00 per hour, an accountant earns $50.00 per hour. Let's say a plumber needs to prepare a financial report and documents. To prepare all this by himself, he needs four hours of his time. It turns out that the cost of preparing these documents will cost him $140.00 if we use his usual earnings per hour.. An accountant needs an hour and a half for the same job, so it will cost him $75.00. By doing simple math, we can see that if a plumber gives the task of preparing financial reports and documents to the accountant, he will save $65. This example shows that sometimes, turning to another person who specializes in a certain field will save you time and money. We specialize in the preparation of financial reports, verification of financial documents — and this concerns not only companies but individuals too. By choosing us you will have an opportunity to confirm that your decision was right based on your own experience.